Illinois Strategic Organizations Initiative

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ISOI at UIUC is a community-building research program for Scholars, Affiliates, and Doctoral Students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The members are invited to a diverse selection of workshops and opportunities to delve into the research of strategic organizations.

This program is led by Professor Joseph Mahoney, ISOI Associate Director.

Group of ISOI Professors working and smiling.

ISOI Global Research Networks

The ISOI Global Research Networks seeks to create a new research agenda that fosters research at the intersection of strategic organizational design and management while developing a global community of practice that addresses the unmet demand from academics and corporations for interdisciplinary research.

This program is led by Professor Matthew Kraatz, ISOI Associate Director.

Scholars from Gies and other distinguished colleges from around the world pose for a picture.

ISOI Strategic Organizations Partnerships

ISOI Strategic Organizations Partnerships is a transdisciplinary program that joins academics and practitioners in partnerships through the sponsorship of applied research, data collection, and communication exchange. It seeks to help both parties learn from each other and to see theory in practice.

This program is led by Professor William Ocasio, ISOI Director.